Japanese Language Support Services

To facilitate internationalize the architecture and construction industries it is very important to have fluid international and domestic information.

Delphi Lab offers services for business wanting to come and sell the products and the services, or wanting to find cooperating partners in Japan by help making Japanese documentation for your corporation and the products.

Services include:

  • Business Plan translation and layout work
  • Catalogue translation and layout work
  • Home Page translation build up work
  • Presentation translation and layout work
  • Contract/agreement translation work
  • - Other architecture related Japanese business consultation work

The professions surrounding architecture have great deal of potentials and qualities to go beyond their own field by its natural unique ability of creativity and making solid methods.
Delphi Lab supports architecture related businesses wanting to go abroad or wanting to come to Japan from abroad willing to go beyond their specialty to try new style of business.

For any inquiry: info@delphi-lab.com

Limited Language Translation Services

Social Media account for Japanese viewers

Create an account on Facebook / twitter / google+ / Pinterest
Rough quote: Opening an account from \50,000 ~; Operation from \30,000-/mo. ~
Estimated delivery time: 1~2 weeks

Home Page/EC site building up and translation services -- English, Chinese, Japanese

Quote Sample:
One Product for EC Site: Title translation (40 words) + Description (120words)
English Japanese translation - one product: from \1,000- 500 products: from\500,000-
Estimated delivery time: 2~3 weeks

For any inquiry, please contact us at: info@delphi-lab.com