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Delphi Inc. (1984 - 2009), the predecessor of Delphi Lab Inc., made a great amount of contribution to the architecture and building industries by introducing and spreading new information, knowledge, technology, through activities such as exhibition, seminars, and publishing business.
Aglobe, Inc. (2011~) was established to exchange and disseminate international information regarding architecture. From 2015, integrate the philosophy of two, Delphi and Aglobe, we started brand new “Delphi Lab, Inc.” to broaden our scope of business.
Our mission is to build international network and exchange the market information, which will lead to spreading of the knowledge for the international business exchange in urbanization, architecture and construction, and environment.


To build the network of exchanging information in architecture and construction industry, not only domestically but also internationally.

There lies so many challenges surrounding us in our society as social /economical environment changes, such things caused by global scale catastrophe, destruction of nature, polluting the earth, shortage of food, drying out the natural resource, unsanitary environment caused by undeveloped infrastructure, aging population, not enough living spaces, lack of communication between the generations and so on. It became almost impossible to compete in the world with having just one very strong specialized field as an individual country, like how it was decades ago. It is a “must” to have strong international cooperation and network in today’s world.
This domain, mainly the architecture, has the qualities to exert a tremendous power by putting together the creative force and methods, and crossing the disciplines to search for solutions.
Delphi Lab Inc. will actively use the domain of architecture’s abilities to have wide range of thoughts and to develop, and build a network of cooperation to cross the field of specialty, country, and region to attack the issues.

The portal site that connects architecture and information, and then to the society.

AGLOBE ( Architecture Globe )

AGLOBE - International Architectural Information Portal site

AGLOBE facebook page ( Architecture Globe )

Real Talk Series"Working around the globe! -Failure teaches success-"


@round - Real Talk

@round community by facebook group


Building up the information exchanging network of architectural/construction industry, promote global exchange of people through information, technology, and products.

・Survey/Research, Marketing, Consulting

-Survey, research, and dissemination on architecture/urban infrastructure/environment
-Consulting and marketing of architecture/urban infrastructure/environment

・Internatinal Business Development

-Planning and operation of overseas (mainly Asia and western countries) cooperative programs
-Planning and operation of lectures, symposiums, seminars etc.
-Planning and operataion of observation trip/exchange program for overseas architecture/urbandevelopment/environment

-Planning, coordinating, operating of Business matching program

・Cultural Exchange

-Planning and operating of exhibitions
-Planning and operating of symposiums, seminars
-Planning and operating of city development/regional exchange
-Planning and operating of education/training program


-Publishing, selling, making the contents of ebooks and printed books
-Planning, structuring, and operating of various portal site
-Planning and operating of social media


The name Delphi originated from the city of ancient Greek (UNESCO world heritage site),
where place to worship Apollo (Oracle),used to give people word of wisdom and consultation.
At the time, Delphi was the center of the world and was called “navel of the earth.” From how its ancient ruins look, it is considered as the model of urban and architectural form of today.
Thinking about our future in architecture, the environment, and living space, an aiming to create its new possibility and actually realizing it, we named our company, “Delphi Lab”.





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www.aglobe.jp (International Architectural Portal Site)


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