Delphi Lab Inc. (hereinafter Delphi Lab) recognize the importance of personal data provided and follow the privacy protection policy given below for the handling. However, we will not be held responsible for the personal data on the third party website that is linked to our web page.

1. Delphi Lab’s Policy on Handling of Personal Data

Delphi Lab, on handling and protection of personal data, recognize the importance and provide the best effort to ensure its protection. We will ensure to conduct business following the policy listed below to earn a trust and reassurance from the persons who registered.

  1. Total compliance with regulation and laws relates to personal data.
  2. Collecting, handling, and providing of personal data is followed and pursuit accordingly with law, regulation and our company privacy policy.
  3. The personal data collected strictly controlled, and will be only used for the intended use within the scope of provision stated in the privacy policy.
  4. Appropriate prevention and correction on loss, falsification, and leaking of personal data will be performed continually.
  5. As much as possible preventive measure will be taken on unauthorized access to the personal data, and will be reviewed regularly.
  6. By reviewing policies and regulation regularly, we will make improvement on protecting of personal data.

2. Privacy Policy

The information we ask upon register, such as name, e-mail address, phone number, mailing address etc. are the basic information needed to provide our services. Occasionally, in order to provide better services, we may ask for more detailed questions depending on the services which require more information for enhancement. However, aside from the basic required information, it is possible to choose not to provide the information that was asked. Depending on the type of our service, we may ask for the information much confidential from registered member (credit card or web money information), in such case, information will be protected by encrypting the information or other methods.

In addition, if there are changes in the registered information which may affects the payments, shipping, or the fees, (such as city name, postal code change etc.) Delphi Lab may update the registered information on our side.

Delphi Lab may revise above policy described, in such case all the revision will be notified on this web site.

3. Collection of Personal Data

The personal data Delphi Lab collects are strictly within the use for the services Delphi Lab provide to each customer,with minimum required information and clearly defined purpose. Each personal data collected should be obtained by lawful and fair means. If personal data will be collected other than the ways described above, we will notify the all necessary information regarding collecting, handling, or providing of data in some way.

4. Disclosure of Personal Information

Delphi Lab will not disclose any personal information with third party without any consent of person in question. However, there are some cases where we may disclose the information with the partners with non-disclosure agreement or the business we outsource. In such case, we will strictly make them obligate to follow each guideline to manage the information to keep it in between us. If anyone who is registered with Delphi Lab wishes to disclose their personal information, in appropriate timing, within the possible extent, Delphi Lab will release the information. Based on the laws that we follow, when we are asked give the personal data by the court, police, or any other appropriate legal authority, we may disclose the information.

5. Handling of Personal Information

Delphi Lab, may send the direct mail (e-mail) to the registered members. The direct mails sent are the information regarding our current or future services and the events that we offer to all the members via e-mail. To the members who gave Delphi Lab the consent, the direct mails from the affiliate companies whom signed confidentiality contract with Delphi Lab maybe sent time to time. When the direct mail is sent, the source will be clearly stated in the mail. Also, there will be a means to easily stop the direct mail when the intention of direct mail delivery is changed.

6. About Cookies

Cookies are not intended to violate the privacy, or to adversely affect the PC, it is to make browsing much easy the registered members who visits the Delphi Lab web site. It is capable of rejecting to receive the cookies by having changing the internet browsing software setting. This action also will not adversely affect the PC. Since some services are using the cookies, by having internet browser setting not to receive any cookies, it may limit the use of those services.

7. Warranty and Limitation of Liability

The website of Delphi Lab is used with the user’s own responsibility. Use of Delphi Lab website page is the responsibility of registered member who are using the service. Delphi Lab will not be held responsible for any damages or problems occurred rom using the information obtained from this website or the other websites with the links on this website. Delphi Lab will not post a description or notation on the contents of the site for users to consider whether if it is appropriate or not appropriate. Accessing to this website is absolutely the user’s free will, the users are liable for their own usage of this website.

8. Applicable Law

This website can be accessed from any country in the world, however, registered users whom accessed to this website, as well as Delphi Lab, must comply with the Japanese Law regardless of difference in the law principle.